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EUDIGIT – European Digital Citizens


EUDIGIT aims to support the fight against the digital divide suffered by many European citizens. The six EUDIGIT cities and one NGO express their concern about the link between digital exclusion and EU citizenship specially among disadvantaged people. On the basis of ground-level states of play, EUDIGIT explores how cities can become actively involved in reducing the digital divide via policies and an evolution of public services tailored 'with and for all citizens', alongside a better communication with them.

Objectives of the project:

  • Strengthening EU citizenship and citizens awareness,
  • Contributing to reduce the digital gap in cities,
  • Co-building digital policies with citizens.

Scheduled activities:

  • 7 events,
  • 25 workshops with NGOs and citizens,
  • Setting-up of EUDIGIT's Steering Committees with NGOs and Citizens' Committees to co-build policies in all cities.

Expected outcomes:

  • 5 seminars' E-books,
  • A declaration for cooperation between partner cities,
  • Digital participation surveys,

Target audience:

520 people; 30,000 indirectly.

EUDIGIT is funded by Europe for Citizens programme under 614897-CITIZ-1-2019-2-FR-CITIZ-NT and is coordinated by the City of Marseille (France). Partners: Gemeente Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Comune di Genova (Italy), Obshtina Varna (Bulgaria), Freie Und Hansestadt Hamburg (Germany), Sociatia De Dezvoltare Intercomunitara Zona Metropolitana – Cluj (Romania), Evro Advans Association.