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 “Euro Advance” association has carried out different projects and initiatives, such as:

  • Project: Organizing and holding a yearly national competition and award ceremony “Mayor of the year” 2013,2014,2015; Conference “Perspectives for growth of Bulgarian municipalities” that accompanied the award ceremony “Mayor of the year 2014”; Exhibition “Holidays, customs, traditions and tourism” that accompanied the award ceremony “Mayor of the year 2015”


  • Project: Preparing the booklet “Why I’m proud to be Bulgarian” as ordered by the Bulgarian academy of sciences (BAS)
    • Subject: Preparing a project for content, design and productions of the booklet “Why I’m proud to be Bulgarian” commemorating the 1000-year anniversary of Bulgarian Tzar Samuil’s death


  • Project: “Reporter for a day” as initiated by Sofia Municipality
    • Subject: With the assistance of a team of journalists, a group of students were introduced to the processes that are involved in a journalist’s work – all the way from receiving information, its verification and tracking of its sources to its transformation into an article.


  • Project: Development and distribution of a handbook for students, as assigned by Sofia Municipality
    • Subject: Development of a concept, content, design, text, photographs and printing of handbook aimed at students between 1st and 4th grade


  • Project: “Exercise like a European”

The “Exercise like European” project is carried out in the context of the Sofia- European capital of sport 2018 initiative. The activities included in the project are carried out the “Euro Advance” association, partnered with Sofia Municipality.

The goal of the project is to raise the interest of children in a more active physical lifestyle as an important precondition for a better lifestyle. The practice is borrowed from a European Commission initiative, part of the European Week of Sport and aims to create opportunities for citizens, especially children, to increase their physical activity during the day.

Over the last couple of years there have been numerous reports concerning young people’s physical activity.

  • Data provided by the International Sport and Culture Association’s European centre for economic and business research shows that 83% of young people in the European Union do not partake in physical activities.
  • Five-year-olds are living a sedentary lifestyle and Bulgaria is leading in those ratings.
  • Bulgarian children are ranked 5th in obesity according to research conducted by the European academy of nutritional sciences.
  • According to Eurobarometer data, 59% of Europeans claim to never or very rarely practice sports. The European Commission claims that in some member-countries that number is rising.

Those are the reasons why children should be educated from a very young age about the importance of physical activity and sport to their development, health and overall life. Parents play a big role in this process as they are supposed to encourage and motivate their children to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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