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Digital transformation – the urban-rural divide: download the fifth EUDIGIT e-book

It is also the last one from the successfully completed EU-funded project



TheMayor.EU has published the fifth e-book containing good practices from the partners of the EUDIGIT – European Digital Citizens project. This time, the edition reflects on the seminar in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), which took place in December 2022, and the topic is digital transformation and the divide between urban and rural areas, and central and remote communities. On its pages, you can find a number of good practices from leading European cities that show how the divide between these social groups and places can be reduced.

Bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas

The e-book is a synthesized summary of the best ideas and solutions for digital transformation and community cohesion in the city, which were presented on 6-7 December in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca. It examines the mechanisms for creating an attractive living and working environment for the economically active population in rural areas, the inclusion of vulnerable communities through education and training, and the rapid adaptation of digital nomads.

Special attention is also given to ways to take a break from the digital world and create peaceful zones for effective relaxation in a bustling city. In addition, possibilities that the European Union offers to cities to finance fast and reliable Internet connections are presented.

You can download the document for free from this link: EUDIGIT – Digital Transformation – The Gap Between Urban and Rural


The book was published as part of the EUDIGIT – European Digital Citizens project. The project, funded by Europe for Citizens programme, aims to bridge the digital divide in cities, strengthen the sense of European citizenship and co-build digital policies with citizens.

The project is coordinated by the City of Marseille, and the partners are the “Euro Advance” Association (via the Portal for cities and citizens TheMayor.EU), the Municipality of Genoa, the Municipality of Varna, the City of Hamburg, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Cluj-Napoca Metropolitan Area.