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TheMayor.EU – The European Portal for Cities and Citizens

TheMayor.EU – The European Portal for Cities and Citizens

In 2017, Euro Advance launched the initiative “TheMayor.EU – European Portal for Cities and Citizens” with ambitious goals: to improve the understanding between citizens of the European Union, local authorities and EU institutions; to stimulate the exchange of good practices and experience between the authorities in Europe; to make efforts for modern, transparent and efficient urban governance more visible and to increase trust in decision-making institutions.

Since then, we have shared hundreds of stories of successful European projects that support the social, economic and technological development of European cities and regions; we have featured thousands of examples of constructive solutions to the challenges facing European cities and regions – climate change, pollution, depopulation, technological backwardness, cultural heritage protection and more.

What we started as a project four years ago has now become a sustainable cohesion initiative connecting local authorities in Europe and their citizens. Thanks to the work of the team of the portal TheMayor.EU, the good examples from European cities and regions have reached hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the Old Continent and beyond, and the European Union has become more understandable, closer and more transparent to them.

Over the last year, our efforts to make European policies and vision for development more accessible to local communities have also been recognized by the European Commission, with the Portal becoming one of the first official partners of the New European Bauhaus initiative.

The portal continues to be interactive, open and free for both municipalities that want to present their decisions to a wide audience and citizens who want to learn more about them. Each local EU administration can create its own profile to keep up to date with information about the city and its initiatives. Through the “Add article” function, citizens and organizations, in turn, can send us news about interesting projects that have inspired them or that they have implemented.

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