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Citizens with a disability: digital divide and opportunities. The 4th EUDIGIT e-book is out.

Citizens with a disability: digital divide and opportunities. The 4th EUDIGIT e-book is out.

Get inspired by examples from leading European cities and discover innovative ways to make persons with disabilities part of the digital transformation

TheMayor.EU has now released the fourth e-book, part of the EUDIGIT project. The document is dedicated to the project webinar, hosted by Rotterdam in March, on the topic of persons with disabilities and the digital divide.

On its pages, you can find an overview of the event, as well as a handful of good initiatives that your city or company can easily implement to ensure persons suffering from a disability can use and enjoy digital tools to a maximum extent.

Facilitating the lives of persons with disabilities through digital technologies

Citizens with a disability: digital divide and opportunities, the latest event by the EUDIGIT network, took place back in March, and now all the valuable insights from it have been gathered in 30 pages in an e-book with the same title. Now, everyone can relive the experience once again and easily discover the most interesting parts of the sessions, as curated by our team.

In particular, one can discover the main objectives and the approach of the European Union with a view to 2030, as far as persons with disabilities are concerned; learn how Marseille trains this community for jobs of the future, or how mobile phones have become guides to persons with hearing impairments in Cluj-Napoca.

Further on, one can read about the specific features on the municipal website of Genoa, which makes it accessible to all audiences, how Rotterdam adapted its services by continuously consulting users or how a Hamburg-based project meets the needs of persons with cognitive disabilities in the digital world.

In the end, an example of a sustainable job opportunity in the digital journalism realm is offered to persons with disabilities in Varna.

The book culminates with a stark reminder of what living with a disability means, presented in the form of a rap poem. So, waste no time – download the newest EUDIGIT e-book here: EUDIGIT – Citizens with a disability – digital divide and opportunities.


The book is released as part of EUDIGIT – European Digital Citizens project. The project, funded by the Europe for Citizens programme, has as its objectives the bridging of the digital gap in cities, strengthening the sense of EU citizenship and co-building digital policies with citizens.

The project is led by the City of Marseille, while partners are the Euro Advance Association (TheMayor.EU), Municipality of Genoa, Municipality of Varna, Municipality of Rotterdam and the Cluj-Napoca metropolitan area.

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