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Bridging the digital gap in cities: the second EUDIGIT e-book is out

TheMayor.EU has just released the second e-book under the European project EUDIGIT – European Digital CitizensThis time, the topic is senior citizens, following the successful webinar “The Elderly, the Digital Divide and Citizenship”, which took place in June.

Curious to discover the most important moments of the webinar hosted by the City of Hamburg or to explore practical examples of involving senior citizens in the process of digitalisation? Then this e-book is for you.

EU’s leading cities teaching how to involve senior citizens in digitalization

The second EUDIGIT e-book presents you with an overview of the successful initiatives, implemented by the cities of Marseille, Genoa, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Cluj-Napoca and Varna in the fields of the digital divide, citizenship and seniors. You will also learn the latest data on demographic changes in the European Union and what the EU is doing to address ageing.

The content has been carefully curated by our team at TheMayor.EU and each partner city. So, if you are interested in social urban policies and are willing to do more to keep the elderly part of the digital story, make sure to check out this handy and free e-book.

Download the second EUDIGIT e-book from this link and share it with your colleagues.

The EUDIGIT agenda

The youth, the digital divide and citizenship” was the second of a series of six seminars under the EUDIGIT – European Digital Citizens initiativeThe project, funded by Europe for Citizens programme, has set as objectives the bridging of the digital gap in cities, strengthening the sense of EU citizenship and co-building digital policies with citizens.

The event took place on 17-18 June, in a digital format, organised by the City of Hamburg. Detailed records and videos are available on the project website.