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Citizens with a Disability: Digital Divide and Opportunities

Citizens with a Disability:  Digital Divide and Opportunities

Register now for the 4th EUDIGIT webinar


The Municipality of Rotterdam, the City of Marseille and “TheMayor.EU – the European Portal for Cities and Citizens” are pleased to invite you to the fourth EUDIGIT webinar: Citizens with a Disability: Digital Divide and Opportunities.

The two-day event will explore the challenges that persons with disabilities face in an increasingly digitalised world and what our cities can do to overcome the divide.  We live in a time in which technology is a real gamechanger. So, we should seize every opportunity to let fellow citizens with a disability participate in our society.

As in previous webinars under the EUDIGIT project, the event will offer an inspiring mix of successful stories from the partner cities, noteworthy examples from all corners of Europe, as well as an introduction to the political context at the EU level.

The event will take place online on 10 and 11 March 2022. It is free and open for anyone to join, with preliminary registration on this link. All registered participants will receive Zoom login link a few days prior to the event.


While we are putting the finishing touches on the final agenda, here is an overview of the programme for the event.

The first day will feature brief presentations of examples on how stakeholders can bridge the digital gap as experienced by people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. These examples are demonstrated by the cities of Marseille, Cluj-Napoca, Rotterdam, Genoa, Hamburg and Varna.

Consecutive sessions will focus on inclusive communication, where citizens who have a disability or a chronic illness talk about their experiences with local administrations.

The afternoon sessions will focus on inclusive digital education and physical and mental healthcare tools.

The second day will start with an overview of the European accessibility policies and Legislation. It will then continue with sessions on how to make the workplace, and sport and leisure facilities accessible and inclusive to persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

All sessions will adopt a practical and interactive approach, to ensure efficient exchanges of experience and transferability of best practices.


Citizens with a Disability, Digital Divide and Opportunities is the fourth of six seminars under the European project “EUDIGIT – European Digital Citizens”. Until March 2023, the cities of Marseille, Varna, Genoa, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Cluj-Napoca, supported by “TheMayor.EU – the European Portal for Cities and Citizens”, will work on achieving the following ambitious objectives:

  • Strengthening EU citizenship and citizens’ awareness of its benefits;
  • Contributing to bridging the digital gap in cities;
  • Co-building digital policies with citizens.

Citizens and all interested parties can get involved by registering for the free events, by downloading the ‘best practices’ e-books or by suggesting policy changes during one of the local workshops in a host city.

EUDIGIT is funded under the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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